4wd Campervans and Motorhomes

At Xcentrix, we provide our customers with a wide range of 4wd campervans and motorhomes that will suit any taste or budget. 4wd campervans and motorhomes are all about having the freedom to travel and explore anywhere. With the selection that we have carefully chosen and assessed, we can say with confidence that these models will offer greater levels of movement and freedom than ever before. Our vehicles are for the wild at heart, the adventurers, and the wanderers. They are tough enough to take on even the harshest outback roads and conditions, while still looking good enough to blend into the most stylish of cities.

You are going to doing a lot of travelling in your 4wd campervan or motorhome, which is why we understand you will want to add your own personal flair to the vehicle. If this sounds like you, then why not consider purchasing one of our special vehicles that come ready to be converted into motorhomes. For example, our 4×4 Ford Transit is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a way to travel in an affordable, spacious environment. The type of the vehicles we offer means that there are almost unlimited styling options. Make your home away from home reflect your personality and taste and create a vehicle that you will love.

To learn more about the vehicles we offer, contact us on 0431 314 052. Our friendly and professional staff will be able to provide you with any assistance that you require.