Take the Trip of Your Dreams with Custom Campervans and Motorhomes

Take the Trip of Your Dreams with Custom Campervans and Motorhomes

Just imagine being able to head off on the drop of a hat for anywhere in Australia. All you need for a comfortable life on the road is with you in the back of the vehicle. You have the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want in style and comfort.

That’s the reality of owning your own campervan or motorhome. Even better, you can create and equip your vehicle to your exact specifications so it’s just right for you and your family. Choose the features and styling you want to create the vehicle of your dreams. With custom campervans and customs motorhomes, you’re master of the road and of your lifestyle.

Custom Campervans

Expert campervan customisers such as Xcentrix can makeover a standard van into a luxurious vehicle that’s ideal for you and your family to head out on the road. Poptops expand the upper space in the van and provide light and air as needed. Similar options include the high roof.

Meanwhile we can fit out the van with everything your need for a comfortable journey. We can also customise your windows, add awnings and water tanks and create the kind of seating and sleeping arrangements you want.

We can offer a range of contemporary stylings with clean uncluttered look for interiors that will keep looking good for years and years.

Custom Motorhomes for All Occasions

You can also choose to customise your vehicle for any particular job, hobby or sport. You can get them especially crafted for photographers or dog trainers, or for water sports such as kayaking, canoing and surfing, for example.

Why stay in a drab ordinary hotel or guesthouse when you can travel and pitch up in your own custom motorhome or campervan? You’ll get to travel in style and take a little piece of home along with you. And just think how economical it will be without hotels. That’s the real way to travel.

For all your custom campervans and motorhomes needs in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW, get in touch with Xcentrix today on 0431 314 052.