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Window Xpods 2006+

Mercedes Sprinter NVC3 & VS30 , MWB & LWB

Fibreglass Window Extension Pods

Flares & East West Bed System


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Xcentrix Campervans are proud to introduce our “Sprinter Xpods ” ( Fibreglass window eXtension panels ) & East West Bed system . Our Xpods are suited for the NVC3 & VS30 Mercedes Sprinter 2WD & 4WD , MWB & LWB vans , 2006 onwards .

Our Xpods have a sleek aerodynamic style and have been carefully designed to allow the biggest internal East West bed space possible . Our Xpod bed system boasts a Queen size East West bed (2000m x 1500mm)
Our unique design incorporates 2 x 1200 x 300 Dometic S4 awning windows ( with blinds & bug screens) , these windows have a huge opening that allow for much needed ventilation in our Australian climate .The windows open upwards which is ideal in times of rain .


If you have opted for the electronic sliding door on your Sprinter, we can install a micro switch to the passenger side ( Dometic ) window , this is a fail safe to protect the open window from the sliding door. So when the window is open the power is cut to the sliding door and it won’t open until the window is shut securely .

If you have Not opted for the electronic sliding door on your Sprinter we suggest installing a Sliding window 1200 x 300 on the Passenger side Xpod .Usually this window is under the roof top awning so , rain can be minimised when open .
We have also developed Fibreglass internal Xpod Trim surrounds , the Xpod trim surrounds easily bond into the new opening , which gives the Xpods added strength and dresses up the internal area to make it easy to cover/trim around the complex internal shapes. These surrounds can be covered in Marine grade foam backed vinyl for a soft luxury feel or trimmed in Meltrim or other , for a budget concerned finish.
Our bed system is made up from a fibreglass panel & aluminium support brackets . The bed system and brackets easily bolt in and out so you can remove the whole bed when desired. The bed system spans from one side of the van to the other with out the need for any supports .
The bed panel is set 730mm from the floor to the underside of the panel , this height is to allow for maximum length of the bed (2000mm). We can lift the bed up an extra 100mm to accomodate items storing underneath but it does begin to impact the beds overall length.
We have custom designed our high dense foam mattress (100mm thick) to suit the vans shape and around the rear pillars . For optimum comfort a custom memory foam topper is added on top of the mattress and lays into the Xpod area .The memory foam topper is 50mm thick and has a removable cover .
Aero-mesh can also be added to allow the mattress to breath .


Firstly we check your Sprinter is suitable for the conversion , its then up to you to decide how far we go with the Xpods and bed system install. Some clients prefer to go for the whole Xpod ,bed and mattress system so they can use their van straight away and go off camping lay in their bed and dream up the the rest of their campervan build.
Others that are more handy opt to have the Xpods panels installed only , carrier out their own internal trim and build their own bed .
The Xpods are sold as a pair and are Not sold for self install , we can install the Xpods with no windows and no inners but we do recommend our inner fibreglass trim panel as they add strength to the Xpods and the bed area.



We will then quote your job on the items you have selected and then ask for a deposit to begin acquiring the products needed for the job.
We paint the Xpods to suit the colour of your Sprinter , we can go off the paint code to mix your colour but prefer to scan the vehicle and if you live a far we ask you to express post your fuel lid , once received we can scan it and express post it straight back , this is to make sure the colour is a perfect match :)
Once we have your Xpods painted and the other items in stock , we will then book a date for your install .We will require your van overnight for the Xpod install and over 2 nights for the Xpods & Bed system install .
Sprinter VS30 519 MWB 4×4 , Xcentrix Campervans Xpods install :)


Weight :   T.B.A  kgs

Item Cost : $ 2,140.00 ( Xpods outers only painted to suit vehicle )

Install Cost : $ 980.00

Please email for pricing on ; Internal trim panels , windows , trimming , bed system , custom mattresses

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