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Powder Coated Rims & AT Tyres 2006+

Mercedes Sprinter VS30 & NVC3 , MWB & LWB

Standard Rims Powder Coated & All Terrain Tyres


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One thing that lets these Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 vans down , is they come standard with road tyres and dull looking rims .

PowderCoated Rims
Mercedes Sprinter standard rims and road tyres

Xcentrix Campervans have a quick solution to make your Sprinter handle better off road and look better instantly, by removing your standard wheels and tyres and replacing them with freshly powder coated rims and All Terrain Tyres .

PowderCoated Rims
Mercedes Sprinter Powder coated Rims & AT Tyres


Xcentrix Campervans have a freshly powder coated set of 5 rims , waiting for the tyres of your choice to be fitted .

Most commonly and recommended we install BF Goodrich All Terrains TO2. We fit the largest tyres possible to the rim and keep in the legal and insurance parameters.

These tyres are load rated and have the best performance blend between on & offroad .

You can book in and arrange the Wheel / Tyre change over , drive into see us and wait as we simply jack up your Sprinter and fit your new boots, all ready to drive away in under an hour 🙂

We will take your old rims as a swap then get them powder coated ready for the next client . ( Your welcome to keep your road tyres and try to sell them )


Weight       : N/A

Item Cost   : $533 each , Set of 5 $ 2,665.00  ( Powder Coated Rims – BF Goodrich Tyres * Price may vary due to tyre pricing * )

Install Cost : $384.00 ( Removal take to sandblasting / powder coaters , fitting )



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