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Rock Slider / Side Steps 2006+

Mercedes Sprinter NVC3 & VS30 , MWB & LWB

Rocksliders / Side steps / Runner boards



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Xcentrix Campervans , Sprinter Rocksliders / Side steps are Australian made , made in house and would have to be one of our best sellers . As soon as our clients take the keys to their new 4×4 Sprinter and try a few entries and exits into the cabin , they soon realise how high up their new sprinter is and what a step up it is to get into their vehicle .

Our Sprinter Rocksliders / side steps allow for easy access into the front cabin doors , as well as the sliding door area. They are suited for the Mercedes Sprinter NVC3 & VS30 , 2WD & 4WD , MWB & LWB 2006+ ( LWB Rocksliders are longer than the MWB )

Mercedes Sprinter MWB 4×4 Rockslider / Sidestep / Runner board

Our Rocksliders run the whole length of the under sill .They are made from high grade steel and are strong enough to protect your sprinter when brushing up next to and over rocks. When your driving on unsealed roads , our Rocksliders / Side steps protect the paint job of your Sprinter ,deflecting stones and mud that is getting flicked up by your wheels .




Mercedes Sprinter LWB 4×4 Rockslider / Side steps / Runner boards


If you were to brush up against some rocks , or other obstacles and the Rocksliders have taken on some damage , they easily unbolt and can be removed , repaired , re powder coated and re installed .

* LWB Rocksliders pictured



To help with entry and exit into the sliding door area , we can install a factory look ” Entry Handle ”



Our Side Mount Ladder incorporates the drivers side Rockslider / Side step for mounting .


Mercedes Sprinter MWB 4×4 Rockslider / Sidestep / Runner board


Our Rocksliders / side steps require professional fitting and are Not sold for self install.

It takes the Xcentrix team approx. 4-5hrs to install and If your happy to wait , we have a waiting room on site  🙂


Weight : 50kg

Item Cost  : $ 3,570.00

Install Cost : $ 480.00


Weight : 53.40kg

Item Cost : $ 3,970.00

Install Cost : $ 528.00

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