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Shock Absorber Protectors 2006+

Mercedes Sprinter NVC3 & VS30 , MWB & LWB

Shock Absorber Protectors Pair


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The Shock absorbers on the Mercedes Sprinters are mounted in a very low and vulnerable position .

Mercedes Sprinter,  Vulnerable Shock absorber position

Xcentrix Campervans have created a pair of Shock Absorber Protectors. These Protectors are made from solid steel and are mounted around the Shock absorber for full protection .


Skockie Protectors
Mercedes Sprinter Shock Absorber Protectors 2006+


Xcentrix Campervans Shock Absorber Protectors  can be installed in our shop but are also available for self install and can be freighted out .

Our Shocky Protectors are installed easily using existing factory holes , so no drilling required .

Weight  3.4kgs (Pair )

Item Cost : $ 515.00

Install Cost : $ 96.00

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