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Spare Wheel Carrier Duel Wheel 2019+

Mercedes Sprinter VS30 , MWB & LWB

519 / 516 Duel wheel


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Our “Spare Wheel Carrier ”  is Australian made from light weight durable steel , incorporating Mandrel bent tubes for added strength .  They are powder coated Texture black for a durable finish .

Spare Wheel Carrier Duel Wheel
Spare Wheel Carrier Duel Wheel

Our “Spare Wheel Carrier ” is designed to fit onto the 180′ Hinges on the Rear Barn doors of the Mercedes Sprinter VS30 2019+ . If your Sprinter has the 270′ Hinges we can arrange a hinge swap .

Spare Wheel Carrier VS30 2019+
Spare Wheel Carrier VS30 2019+

Vision to the Sprinter’s tail lights are hindered once we install our  ” Spare Wheel carrier “. We are required by main roads , to install additional   “ADR Approved Rear Tail Lights” , they are wired through a trailer module & mounted in the lower bar.

We have developed a “Bolt on Rear ladder ” that easily attaches to our “Spare wheel Carrier ”  .

Spare Wheel Carrier Duel Wheel
Spare Wheel Carrier Duel Wheel

The Xcentrix Campervans ” Spare Wheel Carrier ” serve 2 purposes.

No. 1 Easy access to your spare tyre , chances are when you get a flat tyre it will be on rough terrain and accessing your spare tyre from the standard undercarriage may be near impossible.

No.2  Rear Water tank .  Newly acquired underbody storage has opened up after removing the standard spare wheel & holder from the undercarriage,  this creates the ideal space for a second fresh water tank  . We have developed a ” 130ltr Rear Water Tank ” that bolts up easily in this area

Rear Water Tank
Mercedes Sprinter Spare wheel area Water tank 130ltr


Our Spare wheel carriers can be sold for self install but the ADR approved lights & Trailer wiring module require professional fitting .

It takes the Xcentrix team approx. 4-5hrs to install and If your happy to wait , we have a waiting room on site  🙂


Weight :   9.00  kgs

Item Cost : $ 1,680.00 ( + $300 LED Rear tail lights and wiring Module )

Install Cost : $ 192.00 ( + $384 wiring in module & LED lights )


Weight :   2.60  kgs

Item Cost : $ 970.00

Install Cost : $ 96.00


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