VWT5 AWD and 4Motion Campervans

Are you in the market for a campervan or motorhome? Xcentrix can satisfy all you needs. We deal with only reputable brands and here’s your guide to the types of campervans available from Volkswagen. Reading this will allow you to make an informed buying decision and make sure you get the vehicle of your dreams.

Quality Campervans

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of heading off in your campervan for a trip. No need to bother with making reservations in costly hotels, you’ve got your accommodation right there with you.

The most important factor is that you need a quality vehicle and that’s what you get with Volkswagen. As one of the world’s most reputable manufacturers of cars and other motor vehicles, you can rely on them for the finest in campervans. Here are some of their most popular models.

VW Caddy Campervans

Volkswagen has been making fine RVs that let people travel in style since the 1960s and the VW Caddy Campervan is a fine addition to the company’s range of products. Crafted with the same fine engineering and attention to detail as all Volkswagen products, VW Caddy campervans will never let you down however tough things get.

They’re designed to pack as much as possible into a compact space. Here at Xcentrix we can offer you a poptop on the Vw Caddy opening up a new dimension to this otherwise small campervan. Top that off with a fridge, duel battery , sink/ cook top , awning, water tank and a shower , you wouldn’t be “just camping” anymore.

VWT5 4motion Campervans

As the name suggests, the VWT5 is the fifth generation of the Volkswagen Transporter range. The VWT5 4motion features cabin air con, pop up roof, light weight plywood cupboards to store all your important items, a 65-litre water tank, a stove among a range of useful goodies.

You can also plump for the adventure conversion option, which features a solar charging system, window tinting, allow wheels and much more.

The other models in the range – the VWT5 AWD Campervans and VWT5 Campervans – feature similar specifications.

For full details of all models along with the conversions options available, contact Xcentrix. We have over ten years’ experience taking care of the needs of campervan and motorhome owners in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW areas.